Fukubukuro 2024

LaserCatDesign LLC

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Fukubukuro are a New Year's Eve tradition of selling Lucky Bags with items from the store at discounted prices. This years fukubukuro are promised to have between 3-6 items in them! They can contain A, B, and C tier items as well as one offs, prototypes, and alt colorways. Some extra lucky bags will have some Wall sized Lunas in them! 

B and C tier items may have scratches, dings, laser artifacting or in the case of one Luna, be backwards. These are items I put aside during the year as they do not meet my standards to an A tier item. And being a one person handmade shop means I end up with enough to make some really good fukubukuro at the end of the year!

Items pictured are examples and are not guaranteed to be what is in your fukubukuro.